Next Level Programming

Located in Windsor, Ontario, The Accelerator is an entrepreneurial ecosystem with co-working spaces specifically designed to help accelerate the growth of start-ups and emerging businesses, featuring on-site training and mentoring programs in a truly collaborative environment. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur looking for a more inspiring environment, a small business looking for space to grow, or are embarking on your first new business venture, our coworking space and network of mentors, support services and programs are available to you.

Entrepreneur Roadmap

The Entrepreneur Roadmap programming helps entrepreneurs become better entrepreneurs. From high school students and those just starting out to a small business owner determined to adapt to a changing environment, we can help you pitch better, hire better, plan better and feel confident about your business direction.

MIT Disciplined Entrepreneurship Program

The Disciplined Entrepreneurship is a systematic and rigorous program to build new innovation-based ventures. The 24-step framework helps translate technology and ideas into innovative new products.

High School Entrepreneurship Program

The High School Entrepreneurship Program brings together high school students and teachers with entrepreneurs and organizations that foster entrepreneurship in Windsor-Essex. By introducing students to entrepreneurship early, we’ve seen a more than 300% increase in interest of entrepreneurship as a career path.

A2X Cross-border Accelerator

The Accelerator is this region’s premier cross-border accelerator. Through our extensive partnerships throughout the United States with a particular focus on our neighbours in Detroit, we’ve developed a roadmap to streamline business globalization. This allows Canadian startups the opportunity to go to market in the US faster, as well as for US startups to begin their global growth journey in Canada.

More Programs Coming Soon

We're constantly researching new programming options for our clients. To be notified when new programs become available, please get in touch with us!

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