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The A2X Project©, short for Accelerator–to–Export, represents the most unique cross-border entrepreneurial collaboration ever created between Canada and the United States.




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Since 2011, the Accelerator has become the entrepreneurial hub of our region, contributing an economic impact of nearly $15 million into the local economy and helping to create more than 500 jobs.

Our goal is to make the region a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity and a magnet for world-class entrepreneurial talent. Investment in the Accelerator will increase Ontario’s competitiveness on the global stage and position our province at the forefront of entrepreneurial innovation.

The Vision

Windsor-Detroit is the node that connects Ontario’s Innovation Corridor, the high growth technology and innovation ecosystem, with the United States, the largest consumer market in the world*.

Through the A2X Project©, we will create a launching pad for Canadian high-growth technology and innovation startups to enter the US market. At the same time, we will develop the landing pad for US startups that wish to enter the Canadian market and establish an international presence. 

The A2X Project© represents the most unique cross-border entrepreneurial collaboration ever created between Canada and the United States. 


Bordering on Greatness

The Windsor-Detroit Connection: Bridging Cross-Border Entrepreneurship

From bootlegging to the revolution of the auto industry, Windsor and Detroit share a rich entrepreneurial history and both cities are using entrepreneurship as a driver for recreating their place as two of the leading cities in North America. Over the past 10 years, Detroit has focused on implementing a model of entrepreneurship-focused economic development and the results have been incredible. 

The A2X Project© brings that strategy to Windsor-Essex.


A Foundation for Success

Now in it's 9th year, the Accelerator has become the entrepreneurial hub of the region. Each year the impact of the Accelerator has grown exponentially and within our ecosystem we have developed the expertise to help startups in all facets required to accelerate their business. The expert services available at the Accelerator for startups include:

  • Accounting
  • Angel Funding
  • Branding and Graphic Design
  • Legal
  • Marketing 
  • Mentorship
  • Programming in multiple languages and platforms
  • Sales 
  • Website Development


Entrepreneurs: The Bedrock of the Future 

Of Canadian small businesses, startups in particular have a huge impact with the Toronto-Waterloo corridor, creating nearly 280,000 tech jobs. The Waterloo Region alone boasts nearly 1,000 companies which contribute more than $30 billion annually to the global economy.

The A2X Project© will provide these startups within Ontario’s Innovation Corridor a launching pad into the US market. Our focus on innovative, high-growth, export-oriented businesses will help drive Ontario’s high-tech, low-carbon economy.



The Future

Creating Global Success

Taking advantage of the synergies provided by the geographic connection and entrepreneurial history that are shared by Windsor-Detroit is a key component of The A2X Project©. Due to this unique relationship, every dollar invested in this project will have an exponential impact.

The expertise in programs and services we have developed over the past five years provide the foundation for the next phase of the Accelerator: The A2X Project©. The A2X Project© will provide Canadian startups with an unprecedented opportunity to enter the US market and act as a landing pad for American companies who wish to enter the Canadian market.

Core Modules

The A2X Project© is the next generation of programs and services provided by the Accelerator. Built around 8 core modules – four modules focused on accelerating the business and four modules focused on developing the entrepreneur.  This project will redefine the Canadian-US entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Accelerating Businesses:

  • Canada – US Angel Funding 
  • International Legal Services
  • Cross-Border Accelerator Space Sharing Program
  • Annual International Border Entrepreneurship (AIBE) Summit

Developing Entrepreneurs:

  • Silicon Valley Bootstrappers Breakfast 
  • Cross-Border Mentoring
  • Ambassador App
  • Windsor-Detroit Women Accelerate (WDWA) Events


The A2X Project© is the most unique cross-border entrepreneurship project in North America. It will change the way Canada and the US collaborate in the entrepreneurial space and will pave the way for the knowledge economy of the future.

To become a part of the A2X Project© through funding and partnership opportunities, or to learn more about the Accelerator and our goal of making Windsor, Ontario, Canada’s Entrepreneurial Gateway to the US, contact us today.

Arthur Barbut, CEO
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Christopher Pressey, Board President
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