pashke2Interim Director, Stanford Healthcare Venture Fund; Patent Analyst, CPA Global USPTO


Who are you?

I am an impassioned medical science nerd with a hunger for innovation. I review medical device patents for the US federal government and clinical trial applications for University of Michigan. I see innovations be ideated, built and tested in the health care setting. I also have a strong passion for space exploration.

What’s your driving force in life?

Seeing others’ visions become a reality.

Why do you wake up in the morning?

To give back as much as I can to society.

What version of the world do you want to build?

I’d like to build a world where we all work together for the advancement of technology.

Why The Accelerator? Why do you so generously give your time and expertise?

The Accelerator is a place where our community can come together to build and share ideas that could change the course of the world. I give my time and expertise to try and help others get to their goals; seeing others succeed, and a community succeed. This is extraordinarily rewarding.