The future is electric and Windsor, Ontario is playing a leading role in this revolution. With the announcement of the Stellantis and LG Energy Windsor battery manufacturing plant, the largest such investment in Canadian history, we have an unprecedented opportunity to be a key player in the new electric battery infrastructure industry. 

According to a recent article by EE Times Asia, worldwide EV sales shares of light vehicles have increased from 0.44% in 2014 to 9.49% in 2021. In the first five months of 2022, the EV market share jumped to 12.3%. The 2022 Detroit Auto Show, which I recently attended, was heavily focused on electric vehicles and there is a massive push for electrification by the Canadian and US governments, particularly Ontario and Michigan. 

Companies and startups from around the globe will look at doing business in Windsor, Ontario as a massive opportunity. It is our responsibility to prepare the right ecosystem to attract and support these companies. Towards this goal, The Accelerator has created a number of crucial partnerships that will play a vital role in making Windsor an inviting and supportive environment. 

The Accelerator is a partner and the official North American landing pad for GAMIC (the Global Automotive & Mobility Innovation Challenge). This is a global competition that attracts some of the best automotive and mobility startups around the world. Since GAMIC started in 2008 our semi-finalists and finalists have raised over $160 Million USD in startup funding and these are global companies that are looking to establish a presence in Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan. 

With our partners at Bamboo Detroit, we have launched the first-ever, joint operating partnership, allowing members of each organization to have an international presence in both the United States and Canada. With their membership, clients will have access to modern and flexible cross-border co-working options, providing companies with access to office spaces, meeting rooms, mail address services, industry networks, programming, and events. 

In addition to access to 96,000 square feet of combined office space on both sides of the US - Canadian border, the new international Accelerator – Bamboo memberships also include access to the co-working spaces’ extensive Rolodexes of client company contacts, as well as entrepreneurial professional development programs. 

The key to creating a vibrant entrepreneurial culture is building an ecosystem that is rich in social capital. That requires time, effort and most importantly trusting relationships between keystone entrepreneurial players. Our partnerships are the culmination of our shared dedication over the past 10 years toward building a vibrant cross-border entrepreneurial ecosystem. Let us work together and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to make our region an economic powerhouse.