“I’m using my home address for my work-from-home business.  Why would I invest in a commercial mailing address for my business instead?” 

Here’s 4 reasons why: 

Privacy. Using a mailing address separate from your home address helps protect your privacy and personal information.

Legal Compliance. Depending on your business structure and location, there may be legal requirements for having a separate business mailing address. 

Convenience. A separate business mailing address can make it easier to manage and organize your business mail, as well as provide a central location for receiving mail.

Professionalism. Having a business mailing address projects a professional image which is important to gaining the trust of potential customers and partners. 

Home-based businesses are plentiful and while some will remain home-based business, others will outgrow the home and move into a storefront or an office. Whichever path you intend to take there are clear benefits for having a business address separate from that of your home. 

The Accelerator provides a business mailing address with most of our monthly plans, like our Virtual Membership which - among other benefits - allows you to still work from home as usual, while at the same time having a professional mailing address with us. 


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