IRIS 2 ConstructionScott Fairley wants self-driving vehicles to handle harsh weather and The Accelerator will help him do it.

Optimotive Technologies CEO and Founder Scott Fairley has recently made the move into The Accelerator, opening a space to work on making sure autonomous vehicles can drive rain or shine.

As for Fairley’s background, he attended St. Clair College for a few months before dropping out to focus exclusively on starting his company, which began in 2016. Despite some obvious challenges such a choice can make, Fairley also credits leaving school early with providing hidden advantages.

“When you’re learning technology in school, we kind of saw it as a history lesson in some senses. And if you want to be working on the exact cutting edge, it’s not necessarily the best path to go on,” - Fairley

For him, The Accelerator provided things beyond a place to work that made him move in. “They’re people who understand what we’re going through, they care about what we’re going through, it’s filled with like-minded individuals who are all working towards their main goal, whatever that main goal might be,” Fairley said.

IRIS 2 4Aside from that, he also credits The Accelerator’s practical skills as a factor in his choice to move.

“Some of the things the team at The Accelerator are working with us on is the fundraising side of things. Looking at how we create things like pitch decks, how do we create business plans…” Fairley explained.

As for the future of Optimotive Technologies, he said it looks to be bright. In the immediate future, he plans on increasing the testing of new autonomous technologies. Further on, he aims to build ready-made solutions to be added to vehicles fresh off the lot.

In doing so, the Accelerator will be with him every step of the way.


“The instrumental future of our relationship with the Accelerator is helping us guide and grow into the company that we know and believe that it can be,” Fairley said.