Asaph KaylaAsaph Maurer and partner Kayla Reid in The Art Incubator

Painter Asaph Maurer Launches Mentorship Program

Aspiring artists will now have a place to get their professional careers off the ground. Accelerator member Asaph Maurer has seen to that. Together with his partner Kayla Reid, he’s launched The Art Incubator, which opens September 14, 2020.

This program offers one-on-one mentorship for visual artists. Working with Maurer, students will hone artistic skills and develop their personal style. They’ll also receive business coaching from Reid. Topics include marketing, website development, and sales.

Training won’t come from Maurer and Reid alone. The pair plan to bring in mentors from within The Accelerator network to share their expertise. Leaders from the Windsor arts community will also contribute to the program.

Maurer’s Art Incubator comes after extensive renovation to his studio. When he and Reid moved into The Accelerator building a year ago, the space as a dilapidated former office. Now bright and welcoming, the studio is read for its first round of students.

The inaugural class consists of three artists. At the end of the six month term, each student will graduate with a solo show. Maurer and Reid have high hopes that future classes will grow to ten, or even twenty students. They would also love to expand the incubator’s reach beyond Windsor.

Maurer can’t wait to see students flourish in a program tailored to their unique skills and goals.

“It’s very exciting,” he says. “I look forward to it because you get to watch their passions come to life.”

Beyond mentorship, the Art Incubator will foster a vibrant community. Graduates will be encouraged to mentor incoming classes and collaborate with other artists.

Maurer joined The Accelerator in May of 2019. Though the incubator wasn’t part of his initial plans, it naturally evolved through his work with other members. He and Reid credit their quick progress to the Accelerator ecosystem.

“Being here is completely critical for the Arts Incubator,” says Reid. “Reaching out to potential artists, creating a collaborative space - that’s so what The Accelerator does with business. We are trying to create a tribe, a community or team, and it’s a perfect fit here.”

“Our model is based very much off The Accelerator because that’s what they do -- put a lot of like-minded individuals with different skill sets together and encourage them to build upon that. That’s the environment we wanted to create but for the Arts community. This idea wouldn’t have worked anywhere else.”

September 14, 2020.