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As a not-for-profit, your support is essential for The Accelerator’s next phase of evolution. By supporting The Accelerator, you will help build a legacy that grows our economy for decades to come. Together we will build upon the tremendous assets and resources of our region creating unprecedented economic and social impact.

While The Accelerator is a not-for-profit, we are not a charitable organization and as such, donations to The Accelerator aren't tax-deductible. Please speak to your accountant about tax implications of your donation including other ways that your contribution might be recorded for maximum tax benefit to you.



A donation of $100 helps offset a month's expense of providing complimentary space to social enterprise groups such as The Liberty Project and others.


Your contribution of $250 helps pay for a month of WiFi and printing resources for an entrepreneur.


A donation of $500 can provide office space for a month to an entrepreneur in the early stages of operation.

All transactions are encrypted using our secure payment processor, The Accelerator does not receive your credit card number.

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