pashke2Co-Founder, Cook-Up Inc

Who are you?

I was born and raised in May Pen, Jamaica. I immigrated to Canada where I completed my bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Women’s Studies at the University of Windsor. I’m currently the Co-Founder of COOK-UP Inc., a food business incubator supporting women and helping them nourish and grow businesses which have a transformative impact on our community.

What’s your driving force in life?

Supporting historically disadvantaged groups to unlock their full potential in ways that will have a positive impact on our communities and lives multiple generations down.

Why do you wake up in the morning?

To use the privilege and knowledge I have gained through my life and lessons from the work of those who came before me to do my part in making this world better for others and for those who will come after me.

What version of the world do you want to build?

One where folks who belong to historically disadvantaged groups have equitable access to opportunities to thrive and contribute to a vibrant community.

Why The Accelerator? Why do you so generously give your time and expertise?

Having experienced the magic of The Accelerator as they fiercely supported the development of COOK-UP INC, I happily give my skills and knowledge to support the growth of this important organization in our community.