CEO, Turaco Web International Group; Chapter Lead, Black Boys Code

Who are you?

Born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, I grew up in London England. A computer engineer by trade, I have worked as an entrepreneur since 1991 providing information Systems and technology solutions. My work has given me the opportunity to travel extensively taking to places like Poland, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, California, Florida, Maryland, Spain & many more.

I’ve worked with international organizations including Hewlett Packard, Accenture, DAF Trucks N.V, Right Track Music software and others and I now own a computer software company, Pandacea, for pandemic tracing & health and safety management.

What’s your driving force in life?

I have a passion for developing young black youth through education, culture and sports. I’m the leader of the Windsor Chapter of Black Boys Code, and I’m setting up a sports academy for black youth, whilst also working with other business owners to form an alliance of black business owners.

Why do you wake up in the morning?

I wake every morning with the excitement to make a change to the world I live in so that tomorrow's generation have a better place to live. The year 2020 brought about a necessary change to remind us to take a pause from our overuse of resources. Fewer airplanes flying the skies gives the earth a chance to breathe again and reset the seasons.

My reason for waking up is epitomized in my work as Chapter Leader of Black Boys where we prepare the young to be the innovators and problem solvers of tomorrow.

What version of the world do you want to build?

A world of peace, equality, and inclusivity. A world where data provides insights for accurate decision-making so that every man, woman, and child can be resourced with appropriate information to achieve their dreams. I wish for a world where data is available to all to tell their stories sincerely.

Why The Accelerator? Why do you so generously give your time and expertise?

I contribute as Client Advisor to WEtech Alliance, and a Board Member of The Accelerator, with a strong drive to help both organizations grow to achieve their objectives of supporting entrepreneurs and the local economy.