Head of Strategic Solutions & Analytics, SOCAN

Who are you?

I am a father of 2, avid traveler and certified SCUBA diver. I’m also a versatile business executive with extensive Canadian and US experience in data / analytics, sales, marketing and business growth. Left brain/right brain thinker who loves data, photography and architecture in equal parts.

What’s your driving force in life? Why do you wake up in the morning?

I’m highly motivated by steep learning curves and I seek out opportunities where I have ability to affect change, work with extremely smart and driven teams and help build inclusive and supportive culture.

What version of the world do you want to build?

A kind world where my children can feel safe, loved and happy.

Why The Accelerator? Why do you so generously give your time and expertise?

What I love about the concept of The Accelerator is that it takes an open and holistic view on the definition of a start-up. Here we have everything from technology to consumer goods and services to the arts. The Accelerator is a unique place that gives you a sense of belonging and care when you get here. It’s also quickly becoming its own ecosystem where founders and their teams can collaborate with, learn from and be motivated and inspired by others while being a source of inspiration themselves.